New Mineko’s Night Market Trailer Capitalizes On Crafted Commodities

Early this morning at Tokyo Game Show, Xbox held a showcase focused on Japanese-developed games and beyond. A new look at Meowza Games’ Mineko’s Night Market, an upcoming indie gem with heavy Japanese inspirations, was pleasantly nestled between Microsoft’s heavy hitters. With just a few short days from its release on other platforms and a month from its debut on Xbox platforms, we were treated to a trailer focused on how to make the wares Mineko will sell at her shop at the base of Mt. Fugu.

Mineko has much more work to do than standing at her store and pushing products to eager customers. She has to collect materials and craft them into desirable goods. In the brief trailer, we see her busy with various tasks like foraging for flowers and cutting their stems, binding a journal, picking away mineral deposits, and sawing wood blocks.

The trailer continues beyond crafting, demonstrating Mineko’s work is hardly done once an item is created. When night falls, she has to hustle and haggle to get her merchandise into the hands of patrons. You’re given a wide variety of prices, ranging from deeply discounted and easy to sell to dangerously expensive, risking scaring clients away from handing over their hard-earned buckaroos.

Mineko’s Night Market continues to exude an irresistible charm, and we can’t wait to run its cute little shop. Luckily, we don’t have to wait long. It releases September 26 on Switch and PC, with PlayStation and Xbox editions landing one month later on October 26. Those with an Xbox Game Pass subscription can enjoy Mineko’s Night Market on day one. If what you see in the new trailer piques your interest, take a few minutes to our hands-on impressions from last November.

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