Ritually Sabotage Your Friends In Deceit 2 This August

A sequel to the aptly named 2017 social deception game Deceit is fast approaching. Following the end of its most recent beta this past week, World Makers, the studio behind the series, has revealed Deceit 2 will be arriving on August 31 on PC.

Deceit 2 pits 6-9 players in a fight for survival in an occult rite known as the Ritual of Deceit. That is, most people will want to survive. Two participants are known as Infected and are working towards the goal of the Game Master. Their mission is to sabotage the others by secretly messing with the ritual and causing the group to transport into another dimension called the In-Between where the deceivers can wreak havoc. Conversely, the non-Infected have to figure out the mysterious saboteurs while avoiding being picked off in the dangerous In-Between.

Unlike its predecessor, Deceit 2 is coming to current and last-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, though World Makers isn’t ready to pin a date on the series’ console debut quite yet. To get a taste for what the Deceit series has to offer, the first game is available to play for free on Steam. Those attending TwitchCon in Paris this weekend will get one final chance to check out Deceit 2 on the show floor before the game releases next month.

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