About The Indie Informer

How did we get here?

Really, it all starts with Game Informer. The team accepted now EIC Jill Grodt as an intern for the Fall 2018 term, who quit her secure day job to follow a dream. Thankfully, the gamble paid off.

After penning articles for multiple gaming outlets, like GDC 2019 coverage for Destructoid, issues facing independent creators for The Indie Game Website, and a wide range of news for Screen Rant, she became a full-time associate editor at Game Informer.

Then came the layoffs. Though not directly affected, working at the outlet didn’t feel the same and Jill decided to leave to create a new, indie-dedicated website. The Indie Informer is the result.

The site has grown and succeeded in ways its founder couldn’t imagine. Its reviews feature on Metacritic — helping indies garner even wider recognition. The team has been welcomed to world-renowned shows like GDC, Summer Game Fest, and PAX. And love for The Indie Informer continues to pour in.

To everyone that has helped make The Indie Informer what it is — from industry mentors and dedicated indie teams to supporters and brilliant collaborators — thank you so much.

The Team

Jill Grodt


Jill graduated from UC Santa Cruz with degrees in History of Art & Visual Culture and Classical Studies. She then devoted nearly ten years to working in Museums before jumping into video game journalism. She enjoys playing a mixture of genres and can’t resist a hand-drawn indie.

John Carson

News Editor

Video games’ King of Late Night began as a freelance writer back in 2009, but really cut his teeth in the industry when he became Associate Editor at Game Informer in 2021. He loves all kinds of games, but gravitates towards the RPG, action and fighting genres. He loves the innovative spirit and undeniably heart of indie games and their developers.

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