Where Is The Indie Informer’s Spirittea Review?

If you’ve been watching this site at all in the past year, you’ll have heard me blather on excitedly about the Spirited Away-meets-Stardew Valley indie Spirittea. Solo developer Dan Beckerton, AKA The Cheese Master has finally put on the finishing touches and the game is out now.

However, I won’t be writing a review. In those article I mentioned above, you’ll probably notice I’ve also put up a disclaimer saying I backed the game some years ago and am a friendable NPC in the game. This is super thrilling, but it also makes objectivity difficult.

I’ve put hours into the slice-of-life pixel adventure that sets players as an author moving into the country to deal with writer’s block. And I’ve had a chance to help villagers and spirits alike with my excellent bathhouse-tending skills. Seriously, my establishment was clean, head to toe, before the second night it was opened.

And while the game, like most new indies, could use a little polish — a more streamlined intro, objectives explained more precisely, and a few technical hiccups smoothed out — slipping into this world is like sinking back into a familiar chair — relaxing and comforting.

Though, again, you’ll have to take my thoughts here with a grain of salt. I’d recommend indie fans check out Spirittea if you’re looking for a game to dive into during the holidays.

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