Upcoming Adventures Update Remixes Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is somehow getting even bigger very soon. In just a few weeks, developer Poncle will release update 1.8.0 titled “The Deeplorable Update,” featuring a new mode called Adventures, adding a new spin on existing content within the main game. A new trailer showing off Adventures can be viewed below.

The trailer only covers the very basics of what Adventures are, such as being remixed content from the main game and its DLC. It may or may not include “deep lore,” depending on how you interpret the “LMAO” exclaimed immediately afterward. For more info on Adventures, Poncle has provided a meaty FAQ with answers to those burning questions you may still have.

For starters, Adventures are included in a free update, but some of the game’s paid DLC may be necessary to own to partake in some of the content. Patch 1.8.0 is set to launch with three total Adventures, two from the base game and one from the first DLC, The Legacy of the Moonspell. This new mode is meant to offer fresh scenarios built off of existing assets with players starting from scratch, so to speak, without tampering with the progression achieved on the primary campaign. Each Adventure is split up into a handful of chapters that provide specific characters and items to play with and win conditions to complete.

According to Poncle’s FAQ, the initial Adventures can individually take players an hour or two to complete but can be “ascended” after finishing to boost stats and play again with slightly different builds on subsequent runs. Ascension can be done as often as you want, likely leading to plenty of fun and broken builds to play around with. Each Adventure has its own storyline of sorts that plays out but may not be the official canon narrative. It’s probably best to just have fun with the extra flavor added to the Adventures than to take it too seriously.

Adventures and the 1.8.0 patch for Vampire Survivors drops in a few weeks and will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, iOS, and Android versions of the game.

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