New Humble Bundle Offers Disco Elysium And Other Stellar Indies At Sizable Discount

Are you looking for a reason to bite the bullet to snatch copies of Disco Elysium or Wildermyth? Humble Bundle’s latest deal is offering these games and more for a total of at least $16 whole American dollars. Not only do you get a stack of great indies in the bundle, but part of the proceeds go to a couple of great charities.

Dubbed the “IGN Editor’s Choice The 9 and Above Game Bundle,” each of the seven included games scored, you guessed it, a nine or above on the IGN review scale. Humble is a subsidiary of IGN Entertainment, which explains the branded promotion.

This bundle is a steal for the price and is full of splendid indie gems that are worth your time. The games available in the package are:

The bundle also includes a discount for the IGN shop that sells gaming merch and a trial for the site’s premium subscription service.

Humble Bundle allows users to choose how much of their money is split between the games’ developers, charity, and Humble itself and gives the option to pay more than the minimum to increase what you give to the involved parties. The IGN bundle specifically donates to Extra Life / Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Girls Who Code, which specializes in educating young women in computer science.

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