Next Deltarune Chapters Expected Sooner Due To Changes In Release Schedule

In a Halloween edition of his newsletter, Undertale creator Toby Fox provided a big update on Deltarune Chapter 3 and beyond. Fox announced Chapter 3 is content complete, stating, “There will be essentially no more changes to dialogue or gameplay from here.”  Additionally, Deltarune will no longer be released when the fifth and final scheduled chapter and now plans to launch the paid version when development on Chapter 4 wraps.

With the Deltarune team tying a bow on the third part of the Undertale sequel saga, they are set to transition into focusing on completing Chapter 4. That’s not to say it isn’t already well into development. “Chapter 4 already has a very substantial amount of cutscenes and enemy work done,” says Fox before revealing a producer has been brought on to expedite the development process for “future chapters.”

Fox tempers expectations of seeing the entire package in the immediate future, with the culmination in Chapter 5 further in the distance than previously planned. Because of the long road head, a decision has been made to release some form of Deltarune without waiting until the entire project has concluded. This means Chapters 3 and 4 will now be the installments available when the paid version of the game is made available, with Chapter 5 being added at a later date.

You can read the full statement regarding the release content and timeline changes below:

“So, now that Chapter 3 is nearing completion… I think it’s a good time to re-discuss how we will release DELTARUNE for purchase.

My original plan was to release Chapter 3, 4, and 5 together. However, the finish line of Chapter 5 is still pretty far off… and I don’t think anybody really wants to wait that long to release anything. Especially me.

So, new strategy: No more waiting for Chapter 5. Instead, we are going to focus on putting DELTARUNE out for purchase once we finish Chapter 4. That should make everything a bit more reasonable!

Chapter 4 already has a very substantial amount of cutscenes and enemy work done. Also, I’ve hired a new producer whose entire job it will be to speed up the overall game development for future chapters. So, I feel very optimistic about the next steps of this project.

That being said though, I think I’m going to pause on more detailed development updates for now. Instead, I’ll just let you guys know if the development is getting close to completion, or if something funny happens.”

-Toby Fox, Creator of Undertale and Deltarune

From Fox’s sendoff, it’s apparent we won’t hear much about the project for a while, or at the very least, no developments of this magnitude. In the meantime, Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2 are available for free right now on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC. Its predecessor, Undertale, can be played on all the previously mentioned platforms and Xbox.

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