Indie Updates And New Games Abound At Xbox Partner Showcase

Xbox delivered a short and sweet Partner Preview showcase this afternoon focused solely on third-party games such as Like a Dragon 8, Alan Wake 2, and The Finals, including a handful of indies you should keep your eyes on. From a new look at an intriguing social dungeon crawler to the debut of the new game from the team behind PowerWash Simulator and Velocity and an extended look at one of the creepiest games on the horizon, today’s presentation was a great look into the spyglass for this month and far beyond.

Ikaro: Will Not Die

FuturLab, the studio behind PowerWash Simulator, is returning to the action genre in the spiritual successor to one of its other series with Ikaro: Will Not Die. Taking plenty of notes from Velocity, Ikaro is a rogue-lite that smoothly mixes fast-paced combat with even faster platforming that will no doubt keep our hearts pounding and fingers aching. The debut trailer is slick and frenetic while setting a compelling air of mystery.

Dungeons Of Hinterberg

Revealed at another Xbox event earlier in the year, Dungeons of Hinterberg returns to Team Green’s stage for peek at what a day of adventuring and mingling looks like for its protagonist. Not only do you have to exhibit skill on the battlefield, but also in conversation when connecting face-to-face with the locals or fellow adventurers. The trailer shows off the perks of building relationships, as well as the charming cafes, bars, and restaurants in Hinterberg where you can spend some quality before and after delving fearlessly into danger.

Manor Lords

Do you love cultivating medieval towns but want to scratch that tactical battle itch, too? Manor Lords has both in spades, letting players construct their village and defend the land in dire conflicts. This new look at the game provides a glimpse at both sides of life in a harsh land. However, the big reveal is Manor Lord’s Early Access release date of April 26, 2024, for Xbox and PC.

Still Wakes The Deep

The Chinese Room keeps serving thrills and chills in Still Wakes the Deep. Our first look at it in action clocks in at about three minutes of tense gameplay. Caz McLeary is having a horrible day (colossal understatement) while attempting to move to safety on an oil rig that’s falling apart bit by bit. Each step must be sure because the ocean’s waves are threateningly crashing below. Later, Caz has to face the horrors inside the structure. The floor beneath his feet is a tad more solid here, despite the severe flooding, and a lot more cerebral, with eerie whispers and growls echoing throughout the dank, dark interior.

Spirit Of The North 2

Snowy mountains and lush, overgrown ruins soon give way to smoldering fires ravaging the environment. The world of Spirit of the North 2, announced in the trailer above, is as beautiful as it is treacherous. Stepping into the paws of a brave fox and its raven companions, players set out on a journey to face a shaman named Grimnir and locate and free the guardians of the land.

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