Getting Spooky With The Gamerheads Podcast

Turn off the lights and turn on this podcast because we are getting spooky for Friday the 13th! The crew at Gamerheads has invited me on for my 119th appearance to share some of my favorite unsettling games of the year. They run from undeniably frightening to kinda cozy. There’s sure to be something in here to get you in the spirit of the season!

Indie Games Thrills and Chills with The Indie Informer Gamerheads Podcast

Welcome to another episode of The Gamerheads Podcast! If you're a fan of games that get your pulse racing and your mind buzzing, you're in for a treat! We invited The Indie Informer, Jill Grodt, back to the show to discuss some of her spooky indie picks to get you in the mood for Halloween.We explore Afterdream, Dredge, El Paso, Elsewhere, and others. Throw in a dash of retro gaming discussions and a focus on Splatter House and Tormented Souls, and you've got yourself a great list of games to play during October.Looking to try out something new? We've got you covered with our recommendations, reviews, and discussions on current game demos and future releases, including the strategic rogue-like Days of Doom and Dwerve. We wrap up the show with a visit from our "friend" Retro Games Frankenstein and his wife as they give us another game to play.Follow The Indie Informer:On Twitter: Indie Informer's Patreon: the showHere are a few ways you can support Gamerheads!Leave us a review!Not only does your review help fellow gamers discover our podcast, but it also provides valuable insights for us as content creators. Your feedback serves as a compass, guiding us in crafting episodes that cater to your interests, addressing topics that matter to you, and enhancing your overall listening experience. Your words have the power to influence the direction of future episodes and ensure that we continue delivering content that captivates and engages. Review us on Apple Podcasts! Review us on Spotify! Join our Discord!In The Gamerheads Podcast Discord, you'll find a haven for lively discussions, where you can chat about the latest releases and share your gaming experiences with fellow gamers.Join our Patreon today us on Twitter – Jeff Dasler – RecusedScott Gratton – Wheel IntroVarious Artists – Return to Control

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