5 More Indies To Play While Sick

It seems like I have a pattern of getting through a convention and its coverage just fine, only for my body to quit on me the following week. While it’s never a good time to get sick, at least I have a wonderful array of gaming options to help me feel better.

One upsetting thing about being sick — besides the whole being sick thing — is that, while I now have more time on my hands to play games, my hazy state and dulled thought process make playing most titles a sub-par experience.

Which is why I’m turning to these five games for the next week. Each are engaging enough to distract me from my miserable situation, while not being so demanding that I can’t enjoy it.

Shogun Showdown

While still in Early Access, Shogun Showdown is a wonderful game to turn to when you’re under the weather. The story driving the narrative is easy to grasp, and my objective is simple: Kill everyone. The gameplay is really what makes it suitable, though. First pitched to me as a game I could play using only a mouse, the action is controlled by just a few buttons. I place attack cards in a line and decide which way to face my character while the game is paused. Only when I make a move do the opponents attack, making it easier to play and lose myself in.


“Wait,” you might be saying. “Dredge was on your last list of games to play while sick!” And you’d be correct. But I’m giving this aquatic nightmare of a game another tip of my hat because the developers were kind enough to release a new update, just in time for me to enjoy as I get real comfy on the couch. The latest version introduces a new character and offers boat customization options!

Fae Farm

There is a lot to do in this magical sim, and while cave adventuring might be beyond my capabilities at the moment, its breadth of activities means I have plenty else to focus on. Fishing, planting seeds, or hunting down recipes are all attractive possibilities. However, when I’m sick, nothing makes me feel better than a cute creature. So, it’s time to pet as many adorable animals as possible.


I’m officially joining the Goobies Gang today — tune into The Indie Council to see if I beat Janet Garcia to the punch. A roguelike auto-shooter (think Vampire Survivors), Goobies is a perfect combination of effortless and captivating. Its bright colors and objectively silly characters, like Dizzy Wizzy, put me in a good mood regardless of my indifferent health.

Super Space Club

Let’s just vibe. I can not think of a better game to get me through this week than the melodic Super Space Club. Eschewing most gameplay burdens, I can just jump in and glide across the vibrant galaxy while enjoying the game’s smooth songs. Whether I beat ten waves of enemies or one, it doesn’t much matter as I’m getting stronger every run and am always ready to just hop right back into the soothing action.

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