Walking Is Treacherous In Baby Steps

Following in the footsteps of QWOP and Getting Over It, Bennett Foddy, Ape Out’s Gabe Cuzzillo, and Maxi Boch join forces for a new game that’s far from a walk in the park. Baby Steps, with gameplay revealed at today’s PlayStation State of Play, is an actual walking sim tasking players to put one foot in front of the other without falling flat on their face.

The debut trailer above shows our sweatsuit onesie hero, Nate, taking a hilarious trek up a muddy slope. He struggles to get his footing and tumbles multiple times but eventually finds the right path up. It demonstrates that getting your footing and finding balance will be incredibly important to get where you’re going.

Nate is briefly joined by his friend Mike who is also out on a stroll, but instead of hoofing it on the destroyed roadway, he’s geared up and swinging around like Spider-Man on a grappling hook. Nate can’t quite take the easy route, however, leaving his fate to treading his bare feet through the muck instead of looking for a tree branch to “grapple that f*cker.”

Baby Steps is still miles away, with a release window of Summer 2024 on PS5 and PC, but if it’s as funny and challenging as this trailer alludes, we’re in for a great time learning how to walk.

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