PAX West Indies Top 3: Brightest Spots Of Sunshine

Having checked out scores of indies at PAX last week, I’m ready to share the absolute best of the best. And to do that, I’m stuffing the site with top 3 lists spotlighting the wildest, most thoughtful, and brightest games of the bunch. Each list doles out much-deserved accolades to a different category.

This list goes out to all the players looking for a game to brighten up their live. The cheery collection of comforting and soul-nourishing games made every day at PAX even better.


I see a lot of aesthetically appealing games in my profession, but Woodo is on a whole other level. Every wooden surface glows with the sun’s warmth and, for the early level that I could play, the ongoing narration tells a warm, personal tale of a visit to the countryside.

The gameplay ensures I don’t miss a single detail of the lovingly crafted title, as it’s my job to match the varnished or painted object in the bar on my right with its unfinished wooden counterpart. This requires me to swirl around the set, zoom into small details, and open up cabinets and drawers. It’s a drowsy, peaceful atmosphere with enough story to push the action forward.

Button City Soccer Days

I may not having been doing it right, but when I got my hands on the controller for Button Soccer Days, it became my mission to tackle any cute woodland creature foolish enough to dawn an opposing jersey.

An off-shoot of narrative adventure Button City, this upcoming sports-centric title follows Fennel and his friends as they compete in the Open Soccer Tournament. The game’s idea stems from the creators’ hometown of Albuquerque, NM welcoming a new soccer team and the developers’ subsequent descent into fandom. The gameplay is solid, and I was told the full version will include strengthen bonds with your friends and dealing with all the trials of making a winning team.

Just Crow Things

Though the Rain On Your Parade developer’s follow-up title was part of The MIX, I technically didn’t see it at PAX West. Rather, I walked a few blocks away to the Seattle Indies Expo to try the demo.

My feathery mischief-making got underway after a quick tutorial which tough me to fly — sort of important — grab things, and poop on command. These actions are the pillars that hold up the ridiculously engaging experience. I was set loose in an open sandbox of a city, where I ruined a child’s birthday party, kept a cat from making a few friends into lunch, and stole basically anything shiny I could find.

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