Live At PAX West With The Gamerheads Podcast

My PAX West coverage is hitting throughout the week, but you can get an early glimpse of my thoughts right now! I sat down with The Gamerheads Podcast’s Roger Reichardt to talk about some of the indies I loved at the show. We recorded — live on location! — on the second-to-last day, so I added an entire slate of games to share the following day. I didn’t need an extra day to walk away with Gamerheads’ gold prize, though.

PAX West Convention And Indie Gaming With The Indie Informer – Jill Grodt Gamerheads Podcast

Welcome to another episode of The Gamerheads Podcast! Get ready to virtually walk the buzzing floors of the fan-driven PAX West with us and our seven-time guest club member,  The Indie Informer – Jill Grodt, as we recount our wonderfully wild experiences. We're promising you an insider's look at the unique ambiance, from the extraordinary cosplay to the best games we've played. There's no need for badges or passes; we've got you covered.In this episode, we're traversing the exciting terrains of indie gaming conventions, inviting you into the captivating world of unique games like Dungeons of Hinterburg and I Doesn't Exist. Hear firsthand about the adrenaline-pumping adventure in Mirthwood, and join us as we try to crack the code on why indie gaming is where innovation lives.But that's not all. We're also taking a deep dive into the immersive world of VR gaming with Journey to Foundation. It's not just a podcast episode. It's a gaming convention in your ears!Support the showHere are a few ways you can support Gamerheads!Leave us a review!Not only does your review help fellow gamers discover our podcast, but it also provides valuable insights for us as content creators. Your feedback serves as a compass, guiding us in crafting episodes that cater to your interests, addressing topics that matter to you, and enhancing your overall listening experience. Your words have the power to influence the direction of future episodes and ensure that we continue delivering content that captivates and engages. Review us on Apple Podcasts! Review us on Spotify! Join our Discord!In The Gamerheads Podcast Discord, you'll find a haven for lively discussions, where you can chat about the latest releases and share your gaming experiences with fellow gamers.Join our Patreon today us on Twitter – Jeff Dasler – RecusedScott Gratton – Wheel IntroVarious Artists – Return to Control

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