Day Of The Devs Is Coming To The Game Awards

I still have my head stuffed with the wonderful indies I played at PAX West but the games industry never sleeps. Today, Day of the Devs, one of indes’ best events, announced it plans to also be one of the scene’s busiest as the show is expanding into Geoff Keighley’s turf.

Day of the Devs: The Game Awards Edition is hitting fans with an online showcase December 6 — one day before its namesakes’ ceremony — and hosting an in-person festival December 8.

The team is currently looking for submissions for the show, so there’s no news on what we can expect to see at the the showcase. However, with past hits like Cocoon, Gunbrella, and Sea of Stars, Day of the Devs is always a must-watch event.

There was a bit of sad news mixed in with the announcement, though. The typical show put on in San Francisco in early November is getting pushed out of this year. And while I’m sad to miss this autumnal celebration, the absolutely packed release schedule this year makes this feel like a smart move. Hopefully, holding the show in early 2024 means the participating indies will get their fair share of attention.

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