The Case Of The Golden Idol: The Lemurian Vampire DLC Swoops Out Of The Shadows Today

It doesn’t take a great detective to figure out I can’t resist new content from The Case of the Golden Idol. So, of course, the team made this week of PAX West festivities even better with unexpected news.

The Lemurian Vampire, the next DLC in the game’s mind-bending world, is out. Now. Seriously, you can go play it at this very moment on Switch and Steam if you already have the base game.

This spooky-sounding expansion takes place after The Spider Of Lanka but before the original title’s events, with the developers explaining the three new cases will bridge the narrative gap between both previous releases. Before you pack your bags and hop on a boat for Monkey Paw Island, check out the reveal trailer below.

And there’s one more surprise lying in wait for fans of the detective sim. As the creators explain in their press release:

Everyone with access to a (PC) web-browser can now play the first three cases of the main game for free. As this game is very much a “You gotta see it to believe it” type game, we are very excited about this initiative. I hope we see a noticeable global office productivity drop once this goes live.

So if you ever wanted to check this game out, now is a wonderful time to jump in.

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