The Invincible Sets Course For November Release

We’re spending abundant time in outer space in 2023, and our voyage through the stars is far from over. Publisher 11-bit Studios has announced that the upcoming adventure thriller The Invincible from Starward Industries will be released on the first Monday of November.

The new trailer sets the tone for the moody excursion to a far-off planet called Regis III, highlighting desert dunes and derelict structures that look to be of intelligent origin. As a space-faring astrobiologist named Yasna, you’re hunting for missing crewmates after landing on this once-thought-uninhabited planet. As is evident from the trailer, Yasna is not at all alone. With retro-futuristic laser-armed robots and nefarious humans standing in your way, The Invincible may be as anxiety-inducing as the trailer above.

Make plans to visit the unsettling and hostile extraterrestrial world of Regis III when The Invincible lands on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on November 6.

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