Indie Summer Showcases: Your Guide To 2023’s Best Events

The Summer Showcase Season is here! There are an overwhelming amount of events to keep up with, so I decided to highlights the truly important ones. These are the best places to watch for fresh indie news:

Past Shows

Best Indie Games Summer Showcase

Tuesday, June 6 at 9am PT

Recently aired, this celebration fo indies highlighted one of my anticipated games of the year, Spirittea (though I’m biased because I’m an NPC in the game). Other highlights included Chasing the Unseen and Smushi Come Home.

Guerilla Collective Online Showcase

Wednesday, June 7 at 9am PT

This year’s event will feature games like Don Duality, Europa, and Super Space Club among many other eye-catching titles. This is a don’t-miss show and you’ll likely walk away from the it with an even larger Steam wishlist.

Day Of The Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition

Thursday, June 8 at 2pm PT

Finally an afternoon showcase! Double Fine always puts on a good show, and more than often games featured here go on to land in end-of-the-year discussions. Stay tuned after Sumer Game Fest to watch.

Devolver Direct: The Return of Volvy

Thursday, June 8 at 3pm PT

Volvy fans get hyped because the lovable, big-armed mascot you remember from childhood is making its grand re-appearance at Devolver’s showcase this year. This one is always a good time.

Tribeca Games Spotlight

Friday, June 9 at 12 pm PT

Perhaps better known for its film festivities, the Tribeca festival is making its second year in the gaming space a big one. With games like Goodbye Volcano High, Chants of Sennaar, and A Highland Song, indie fans have a lot to look forward to.

Future Of Play Direct

Saturday, June 10 at 8am PT

An appetizer before Saturday’s main indie event, the Future Of Play Direct boasts YASUKE: A Lost Descendant, REKA, Cavern of Dreams, and some totally new titles.

Wholesome Direct 2023

Saturday, June 10 at 9am PT

If you can only watch one indie showcase this summer, this is it. The Wholesome Direct is almost always my favorite event of the season and its games continually astound me. The organizers focus on touching, heart-filled, and uplifting titles, a heaping helping of which are somehow new to me every year. Do not miss it.

Future Games Show

Saturday, June 10 at 10am PT

GamesRadar’s annual event is a mixed bag with some great indies to discover among other games. This year’s showcase is hosted by Laura Bailey and Yuri Lowenthal, which is fun news.

OTK Games Expo

Saturday, June 10 at 12pm PT

I have one game — which must remain a mystery for now — I’m looking for in this show. But the three-hour-long runtime means indie fans need to be prepared and hydrated to get through the entire event.

PC Gaming Show

Sunday, June 11 at 10am PT

The PC Gaming Show is another of those showcases that isn’t completely indie focused, but often has something interesting to see. The event says to be on the lookout for fifteen new game announcements over the course of two hours.

Dames 4 Games

Tuesday, June 13 at 1pm PT

In their debut show, Dames 4 Games looks to show off women-made indie titles. The showcase is under the Guerilla Collective banner and lists a few previous favorites like Dead Pets Unleashed and a handful of intriguing newcomers. I’ve already put Flawless Abbey on my wishlist.

Annapurna Interactive Showcase

Thursday, June 29 at 12pm PT

Announced at the Summer Game Fest Live Showcase, the indie mega-publisher has held several events in the past. They’ve all been worth watching, so I suspect the upcoming indie-fest will be no different.

ID@Xbox Showcase

Tuesday, July 11 at 10am PT

This showcase also comes with its own demo event! The Summer Game Demo Fest starts after the show and runs until July 17. Indie fans can download and demo the show’s participants on their Xbox during that time.

Playism Game Show

Sunday, August 20 at 6am PT

The earliness of the hour may keep me from seeing this show live, but the games connected ensure I’ll catch up on it when the sun’s up. The Star Named EOS is getting an update and there seem to be several game reveals ready for the event.

Gamescom Opening Night Live

Tuesday, August 22 at 11am PT

Keighley’s second game-centric show of the year tends to favor triple-A titles. But like his other events, there are usually a handful of indies to be seen. And those indies tend to be high calibre.

Future Games Show

Wednesday, August 23 at 11am PT

As part of the general Gamescom festivities, GamesRadar is putting on a show featuring some eye-catching indie names, including Raw Fury and Thunderful Games.

Panic Games Showcase

Tuesday, August 29th at 10am PT

This quick, twenty-minute showcase promises a glimpse at games the publisher’s upcoming projects, like Nour: Play with Your Food and soccer slice-of-life Despelote.

The Mini Indie Showcase

Wednesday, August 30 at 9am PT

Jumping ahead to almost the end of summer, The Mini Indie Showcase being put on by Six One Indie is something to get on your calendar. The group’s GDC showcase came out of the blue for me and became my favorite event of the entire expo.

The MIX NEXT 2023

Thursday, August 31st at 10am PT

I hope to be going hands on with a lot of games shown at this PAX West-adjacent showcase. So, stay tuned to the site for more indie coverage after the show!

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