Learn To Survive In Enshrouded’s Latest Gameplay Trailer

Revealed mere months ago, Keen Game’s Enshrouded is building towards an impending Early Access launch. This week, a new trailer was released, the final installment in a trilogy of videos focusing on the project’s gameplay pillars. Following the topics of combat, building, and terraforming, this latest entry spotlights exploration and how to survive in Enshrouded’s dangerous world.

Like many survival games, Enshrouded ushers eager players into its world with nary a shirt on their backs. The video covers the basics of staying alive, like gathering materials and using them to craft crude weaponry to take on any threatening wildlife.

Survival isn’t ensured solely by besting beasts but by laying the foundation of a future stronghold. The trailer goes into activities such as putting a roof over your head and later adding NPCs like a blacksmith to bolster your capabilities.

Progressing in Enshrouded requires venture into deadly areas that inspire the game’s namesake, The Shroud. Exploring these enshrouded areas is taxing on the player, prompting a timer to appear, counting down the second until they succumb to the mist-laden areas. The risk is obviously high, but the rewards look to be even higher, because persisting through The Shroud will procure treasures, new companions, and access to uninvestigated areas.

Check out the video above for a full demonstration of survival and exploration, including a peek at the game’s skill tree. If Enshrouded looks to be a game you’re dying to survive in, it’s available to be wishlisted on Steam. While a release date is currently unknown, Keen Games is aiming for Enshoruded to hit Early Access in the remaining months of 2023.

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