CrossCode Team Shares Development Updates On Project Terra

Since its release in 2018, Radical Fish Game’s debut game CrossCode has garnered critical and consumer acclaim. Even today, the retro-inspired Action RPG holds a stellar review rating of “very positive” from Steam users. On X/Twitter today, multiple members of Radical Fish shared new development updates and footage for its gorgeous follow-up codenamed Project Terra.

Like its predecessor, Project Terra harbors a deep inspiration from SNES-era action RPG classics like The Secret of Mana. This time, the aesthetic skews further from traditional 2D pixel art and introduces more three-dimensional aspects. Compared to CrossCode, the camera angle has lowered a smidge, and more depth has been given to the characters and environments while still staying true to the style of a 16-bit release. Almost like Square-Enix’s HD-2D games but taken in a slightly different direction. Even in its early stage of development, Project Terra looks stunning in motion.

The first of three updates comes courtesy of studio co-founder Felix Klein highlighting the progress in adding scenes into the game, including speech bubbles and character portraits, which you can watch above.

Fellow co-founder and resident programmer Stefan Lange shared a peek into the now-finished map menu and the skill tree, which is still a work in progress.

Finally, Henning Hartmann posted a Tweet (X??) offering a debut look at an introductory dungeon. Juno o’ Lira, the game’s main protagonist, can be seen with a companion in tow, combining forces to complete a series of puzzles to move deeper into the structure.

The pieces of Project Terra on display look to be shaping up nicely, and the next check-in can’t come soon enough. It’s always fun to see a game’s evolution during its development, so we thank the team at Radical Fish Games for being so transparent in building their next adventure. To see previous progress reports, take a look at the archive on the studio’s website.

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