Somerville Invades PlayStation Later This Month

Nine months after its debut on Xbox and PC, moody adventure game Somerville is finally coming to another family of game consoles. Today, Developer Jumpship along with its owner and publisher, Thunderful, have announced Somerville’s PlayStation 5 and PS4 release is only a few weeks away, landing on August 31.

The PlayStation 5 port of Somerville will include a handful of features exclusive to Sony’s current flagship gaming device. According to Claire Boissiere, Jumpship’s studio director, these additions make this the game’s definitive edition to date. She says, “We’re thrilled to now be able to release the best version of Somerville yet on PlayStation, along with PlayStation exclusive features like haptic feedback and use of the DualSense 5 Lightbar to reflect the powers you are using in game.” Using the hallmark characteristics of the PS controller are hardly a surprise, but the added functionality and immersion is appreciated.

Created by Chris Olson in collaboration with co-founder and ex-CEO of Playdead, Dino Patti, Somerville takes place amid a terrestrial conflict with extraterrestrial beings, telling its story without dialog. Players must learn to utilize a “strange alien sediment” to solve puzzles and survive the invasion to reunite with the main character’s family.

Thunderful announced its acquisition of Jumpship on the day Somerville was released in November 2022. Because Jumpship wasn’t officially under its new owner’s banner for launch, the PlayStation debut will also mark the studio’s first Thunderful-published project.

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