Early Access Update: Thronefall And Battle Shapers

This week boasts plenty of great releases — including Venba, Word Factori, and Super Space Club — so it’s easy to overlook Early Access. But two games, one entering the fray today and one on the horizon, are looking to give players a chance to jump in on the ground floor. Though both promise very different experiences, genres, aesthetics, and tones, they’ll be projects indie fans may want to explore.


This minimalistic kingdom defender made some waves during the last Steam Next Fest, prompting me to jump into this, now public, early build. I’m not gonna lie, I’m all in on it. In the daytime I spend coin to construct a magnificent civilization in a process that’s ultra accessible players uninterested in typical city builders. Then at night, I defend my town on my noble steed, hoping everything survives and racking up XP.

Battle Shapers

Where Thronefall’s visual still is paired down, Battle Shaper’s aesthetic, like it’s action, is colorful, frantic, and in-your-face. I begin the game in a state of disarray. Opening my eyes to a distressed robot, I soon learn that a wave of rogue shapers flood the world and I have been reactiviated to confront them. Mech-assisted battle ensues as I punch, hack, and shoot my way through my enemies to grow more powerful. The game is set to launch in Early Access in the next few months.

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