Endlight Impressions: Cube Smash

If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a kaleidoscope would look like if you we’re, we’ll say, in an altered state of reality, wonder no more. Endlight is an Experience.

The basics are fairly simple. I control a cube which I attempt to steer through rings. And at first — beside the wild nature of the facturing, undulating, and strobing setting — I think that objective is fairly simple. Fool that I was.

My cube initially glides ceaselessly forward, making the challenge to steer myself in front of them. It’s no mean feet as I can not stress enough the chaotic surroundings. Successfully flinging through a ring grants shields that protect me from the world’s ever-threatening sharpanel. Given enough time without a ring, my cube is obliterated.

And just when I begin to feel confident, things start getting weird. One level features a series of signs that speak to me, warning — step by step — that the consequence of not hitting them is to shrink away until I’m nothing. So. There’s that.

Next, I’m flung into a world with entirely different rules. I must now propel my cube by squeezing the trigger buttons through an environment that would turn Escher green with envy. The phsics feel like I’m flying through space, and my momentum carries me clean past my hoop goal more than once.

When I do manage to get my cubed body through a ring, the world explodes with transformation. Colors, structures, music, it all mixes up it astounding ways. It overthrows my senses for a few moments before I can remember my task.

If the previous paragraphs didn’t make this clear, Endlight is not a kind game for those sensitive to light changes or experience screen sickness. But besides that, there’s not much bad I can say about the game. It’s wild, meta, and strangely captivating.

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  1. (developer here) You’ve managed to capture the Endlight experience with words – and that’s HARD! Thanks so much for trying the game and writing this impression.

    1. That’s very kind of you to say, thank you!

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