Explore The Indie Informer’s Past And Indies As The Future With Friday Night Gamecast

The wonderful Nick Fakhoury and Will Adeshina invited me to join them on the Friday Night Gamecast to talk about how indie games are blazing a trail to the future. But before launching into the topic of the show, we take a minute to look over the winding path that lead to The Indie Informer and some fun times have had since the site went live last year.

Ep. 35 – How Indies Push the Industry Forward (ft. Jill Grodt of the Indie Informer) Friday Night Gamecast

The amazingly talented Jill Grodt joins us this week to break down exactly why indies are so important to the industry we all love and how they continue to shape the future of modern gaming. We explore what it's like to stave off the peril that is Jeff Grubb and his thirst for knocking drinks out people's hands and even get into the nitty gritty of managing your work life balance while providing coverage at these amazing conferences. Will and I both binged some amazing indie titles in preparation for this episode so let us know what you've been playing outside this stellar AAA lineup throughout the year! (00:38) – Intro (02:36)- Jill's Gaming Updates(14:30) – Will's Gaming Updates(24:53) – Nikolai's Games(35:53) – New Cycle Mini Review(43:46) – Internship at Game Informer, writing experiences & more(01:39:03) – How do Indies push the industry forward?Please follow and subscribe to Jill/The Indie Informer at the below links!Website: https://the-indie-in-former.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/Indie_InformerPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheIndieInformer Mix, Master & Music by: Daniel Campolihttps://www.danielcampoli.com/portfolioIf you want to reach out to Nick and Will personally to engage with us about the show, follow us on any link here:https://linktr.ee/FridayNightGamecastSupport the show

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