Indie Release Roundup: Lakeburg Legacies, The Wandering Village, Homeseek, And Games To Play Today

Despite long being aware of the phenomenon, I’m still no closer to understanding why indies sometimes all release in the same tiny window. This week, Tuesday and Thursday are the big winners with incredible indies launching one after the other. I managed to get my thoughts down on more than a few of them, but I don’t want to miss out on the wonderful titles below.

Lakeburg Legacies

Beautiful artwork, unusual concept, and an engaging game loop makes this dating sim/city builder on you don’t want to miss. My preview highlights some of the game’s magic, but you can check it out for yourself as the title launched today.

The Wandering Village

Game Pass is the gift that keeps on giving as it allows players to try out so many more indies than they likely would have otherwise. And on today’s release slate is The Wandering Village. Originally released in Early Access last year, today’s console leap brings an ocean-themed expansion with it.


Homeseek tasks players with not only surviving the brutal, resource scarce environment, but making it better. Researching technologies helps you build up society and attain sustainability. But before reaching that goal, settlers have to scrounge for materials on expeditions that will leave force you to make life-altering decisions.

LISA: Definitive Edition

Remastered, updated, and combining its past major releases, LISA: Definitive Edition hit this week ten years after the game initially launched. Its story focuses Brad who seeks to save his daughter, the only women left alive after a catastrophic event.

Ember Knights

Recently launched out of Early Access on Steam and coming to Switch is Ember Knights. The vibrant pixelated style is to die for. And you will die for it. But the roguelike let’s you mitigate the damage as you can invite up to three friends to help you take on the seemingly never-ending forces of Praxis, the mad wizard.

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