Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt Coming To Early Access Frighteningly Soon

We were only just introduced to Villainous Games Studio’s upcoming title Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt last month. But there’s already more news to share. It seems the single player stealth survival horror game is coming to Steam Early Access on July 26. So, get ready to fight for your life.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what to expect from Harvest Hunt’s gameplay. But the trailer is spooky AF and that hand-drawn art is bewitching. What I can tell you is that you’ll play as a Warden whose goal is to collect ambrosia and defend the cursed village Luna Nova from a terror called the Devourer. This creature, of course, lurks in the fields, haunting your every step.

Getting through the night can be a little easier with a variety of tools, but there’s a catch. In order to obtain these — potentially life-saving — implements, you have to give up some health. So, it looks like success will depend on strategy as much as skill.

If you want to check out Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt before going all-in on Early Access, there’s currently a demo up on Steam. May you survive the night.

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