The Indie Informer Plays MythForce

Episode 3

MythForce, the ’80s cartoon-inspired dungeon-delving roguelike is the pick of the week from The Indie Informer’s Video Supporters. I wade out to meet waves of skeletons, mushrooms, and lizard fighters. But these are not the enemies I should have been worried about. It’s the menu that spells out my untimely demise.

This show is made possible by The Indie Informer’s generous supporters who joined the site’s Patreon to ensure the team’s ability to bring the community video content. We couldn’t be more grateful for their help and, from our hearts, thank you all.

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  1. […] merchants, and explore spectacular procedurally generated levels. I’ve had the good luck to play MythForce on stream after a recent massive update. So, if you haven’t played since it launched in EA, feel free […]

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