On The Radar: Saltsea Chronicles, Oxenfree 2, Paper Trail, Fae Farm

One of the unique things about indie coverage is, mostly, games don’t get written about until they release. Usually, this comes in the form of reviews, which may or may not get drowned out by the surrounding news cycle. To combat that, I try to highlight titles before their launch window as well as during. If you want some indies to look forward to, look no further.

Saltsea Chronicles – PS, Switch, PC, 2023

My introduction to this vibrant aquatic adventure started in Los Gatos. Not the city in California between San Jose and Santa Cruz — though the coincidence made me laugh — but a colorful, in-game community overflowing with cats. The paper cut-out art style is eye-catching and the number of feline-related puns was fantastically high.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – PS, Switch, PC, July 12

Is Leave Possible.
A stormy dock. A lonely boat. An unknown voice. It all pushes me toward the seeming shelter of a lighthouse in my recent hands-on with the anticipated sequel. But there was no relief. Reaching the top of the battered structure, I step through a tear in reality and a woman implores me to bury her away from the water. And then I’m back, listening to my manager explain my new job.

Fae Farm – Switch, PC, September 8

Y’all remember Sky Dancer dolls? Well, if you’ve been longing for decades to don the flying figurine’s magical wings and grow crops, your patience has absolutely payed off. Garnering one of the biggest unexpected cheers of the Summer Game Fest Showcase, Fae Farm offers a dizzying array of activities and endearing places to explore.

Paper Trail – PS, Xbox, Switch, PC, 2024

Its rare when you feel like you’re making real, important change. But talking with the PR rep for Paper Trail, I really felt my voice was heard when I insisted the cat needs to be pettable. Once this vital change is made, I’ll have no notes for the uniquely creative puzzle/ origami sim title.

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