15 Steam Next Fest Early Recommendations

Steam’s week-long demo celebration is here! While the event offers an amazing chance to try upcoming indies for free, there just isn’t enough time in the day to play them all. To help you navigate the never-ending sea of previews, here’s an early list of games I’m eager to check out.


It’s best to go into this demo blind, but I’ll simply mention here that Viewfinder is an absolute don’t-miss demo.

Sea Of Stars

The hotly anticipated turn-based RPG is one of the event’s biggest draws. I got a chance to briefly go hands-on with it during GDC and had a great time.

Little Kitty, Big City

Go put a hat on a cat and cause small-scale mayhem. You deserve it.

Lies Of P

It almost feels silly putting Lies of P on this list as it’s got to be one of the most recommended demos of the week. Have fun, Souls fans!

Back To The Dawn

We’re busting out of this joint. Fight back against the powerful forces that put you in jail for a crime you didn’t commit.


It’s exciting to see this game in Steam’s festivities, and I hope players don’t sleep on it. The Saturday-morning-cartoon-turned-video-game is great to play with friends and just got a huge update.

El Paso, Elsewhere

Stop your ex — who happens to be Draculae, lord of the vampires — from ending the world in this retro-inspired, neo-noir shooter.

Wizard With A Gun

One of my favorite games shown at the Devolver Digital Showcase, Wizard with a Gun looks spectacular.


Build a castle brick-by-brick then defend it against waves of terrifying enemies as you try to save humanity.

Let’s! Revolution!

A game with this many exclamation points has to be good! But if you need more to go off of, I previewed this minesweeper-like a few months ago and can’t wait to jump back in.

Luna Abyss

The wildly beautiful platforming bullet hell should shoot to the top of the list for fans of Control and Returnal.

Nour: Play With Your Food

Don’t jump into this one hungry, folks. You’ve been warned.

Born of Bread

Its dazzling art style was enough to catch my eye, but I’m also hearing a lot of good chatter about this one. Plus, you play as a “flour golem,” and that’s perfect.

Lil’ Guardsman

Give me a good, hand-drawn indie and I’ll be happy, but Lil’ Guardsman offers a unique puzzle/narrative experience on top of it.

Laika: Aged Through Blood

From the developer that recently released Friends vs Friends, Laika is a “motorvania” that seems to channel Trials Rising while asking players to blast away the baddies.

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