The Indie Informer’s Summer Game Fest Appearances

Written coverage on everything I saw at the not-E3 celebrations will roll on into next week, but did you catch me talking about Summer Game Fest over the week? I snuck, stumbled, and smooth-talked my way onto a few cool guest spots and gushed about my favorite indies of the show.

The ever-gracious Brian Shea pulled me into his recording of All Things Nintendo. Jeff Grubb offered me a place on the Giant Bomb couch. Gamerheads Podcast’s Roger Reichardt regretted asking me to talk about the Summer Showcases. And there may be even more on the way. If you’re looking for some great weekend listening, look no further!

Recap of Summer Game Fest and Our Most Anticipated Games Gamerheads Podcast

In this episode of The Gamerheads Podcast, hosts Roger and Phil are joined by their friends Matt Storm from the podcasts "Fun" and Games, Reignite, and Screen Snark,  and Jill Grodt, from The Indie Informer, to dive deep into the thrilling world of Summer Game Fest. Jill, who attended the event, shares her exciting first-hand experience of what it was like being at Summer Game Fest.The discussion starts with each guest sharing their favorite moments from Summer Game Fest. As the conversation progresses, the hosts and guests eagerly reveal their top three most anticipated games announced at Summer Game Fest. After delving into the highlights of Summer Game Fest, the podcast takes a detour to talk about the games the hosts and guests are currently playing. Diablo 4, Fall of Porcupine, Speed Crew, and Farworld Pioneers are among the titles on their gaming radar. Support our guests!Follow Matt on social media: "Fun" and Games Podcast Patreon: Jill on social media: The Indie Informer Patreon: the showHere are a few ways you can support Gamerheads!Leave us a review!Not only does your review help fellow gamers discover our podcast, but it also provides valuable insights for us as content creators. Your feedback serves as a compass, guiding us in crafting episodes that cater to your interests, addressing topics that matter to you, and enhancing your overall listening experience. Your words have the power to influence the direction of future episodes and ensure that we continue delivering content that captivates and engages. Review us on Apple Podcasts! Review us on Spotify! Join our Discord!In The Gamerheads Podcast Discord, you'll find a haven for lively discussions, where you can chat about the latest releases and share your gaming experiences with fellow gamers.Join our Patreon today us on Twitter – Jeff Dasler – RecusedScott Gratton – Wheel IntroVarious Artists – Return to Control
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