Watch All Trailers From Devolver Digital 2023

It’s been a whirlwind of showcases today, but especially for indies. Right on the heels of Day of the Devs‘ fantastic event, Devolver Digital aired one of its own. And anyone who has seen a Devolver Digital before knows the showcase is never boring — even if there were only a handful of actual trailers on display this year. You can watch the entire affair here. But if you just want to get to the games, here are the publisher’s main events:

Sludge Life 2

Wizard With A Gun

The Talos Principle II

Baby Steps

Human Fall Flat 2

3 responses to “Watch All Trailers From Devolver Digital 2023”

  1. Baby Steps looks interesting and its world seemed surprisingly big. I wonder how long the game stays fun.

    1. It’ll be interesting to go hands-on with!

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