Tribeca Festival Game Selections Revealed: 7 Upcoming Indies To Watch

Running from June 7 to June 18, this year’s Tribeca Festival is just around the corner and has been a wonderful stage for indies since the event added a gaming component in 2021. Today, the organizers revealed 2023’s slate of demos anyone heading to New York for the festivities can play.

Each entry in the story-focused fiesta’s lineup earned its spot for provoking narrative and creative use of the medium. And one of the games is destined to bring home the Tribeca Games Award for “excellence in artistic storytelling.” But if you can’t travel to the Big Apple to go hands-on, be sure to check out Tribeca’s online showcase.

Part of Summer Game Fest, the Tribeca Games Spotlight airs Friday, June 9 at 12 pm PT/ 3 pm ET and will highlight all the selections with “never-before-seen footage and interviews from the creators.”

The doozy of a list features some of the industry’s most anticipated titles and games I didn’t have on my to-watch list until now, including:

A Highland Song – inkle Studios

Chants of Sennaar – Rundisc

Despelote – Juli├ín Cordero, Sebasti├ín Valbuena, Gabe Cuzzillo, Ian Berman, Niall Tessier-Lavigne

Goodbye Volcano High – KO_OP

Nightscape – Mezan Studios

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical – Summerfall Studios

The Expanse: A Telltale Series – Deck Nine, Telltale Games

Alongside more traditional titles, Tribeca introduces the Games & Immersive Experience this year. Held at Spring Studios, this program celebrates innovation. You can check out all the offerings on the event’s website, which range from video installations to VR demos.

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