Enshrouded Revealed With Enchanting Gameplay Trailer

Developer Keen Games announced today it’s developing Enshrouded, a fantasy action RPG with co-op survival gameplay. And even if that awesome combination of genres hadn’t grabbed me from the beginning, the trailer would have.

I’ve posted the video below if you want to cut to the chase, but let me just point out the footage reveals a Medieval squirrel suit, blighted baddies, and grapple swinging mechanics. That’s all on top of the expected building elements, promising-looking combat, and upgrade system. Enshrouded looks like it will be worth checking out when it hits Early Access later this year.

According to the team, you can craft and battle through this foggy realm by yourself or play with up to fifteen friends. But those aren’t the only details the creators have to share:

“Enshrouded is the culmination of what Keen Games dreamt of creating for years,” as explained by Antony Christoulakis, Creative Director of Enshrouded. “We can’t wait to bring this to our players and to shape the future of Enshrouded together with our community.”

Players awaken as “Flameborn”, the last hope of an ancient civilization. Guided by nothing but a latent arcane power in their veins, they must hunt, gather, and craft to unleash their power and untangle the secrets of a ruined realm of epic beauty. To unlock truth, treasure, and wisdom, the player must venture into the lush forests, unyielding deserts, deep fissures, and lost dungeons of the land.

To protect themselves from the fog and bring life back to the kingdom, players can shape the world’s terrain and unleash their creativity to build bases and epic homes, customized to the last detail with a vast array of materials and furniture. Beyond showcasing treasure, powerful NPCs can be awakened, unlocking advanced workshops and the ability to craft unique items and mythic weapons.

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