Glitch Busters: Stuck On You Preview – Reboot Together

Though it might be an unfamiliar reference for Glitch Busters’ target audience, Toylogic’s upcoming multiplayer game feels like the superb ’90s show ReBoot stuffed into Splatoon. It follows a group of computer-dwelling, hyper-colorful heroes on a quest to save the internet from a mysterious threat. Its tone skews toward the younger crowd but its online and offline co-op is open for friends of any age.

Perhaps the most striking element of the game is its 2D-meets-3D graphics. The world pops with personality and the hand-drawn characters are eye-catchingly contrasting. Gameplay is a mix between third-person shooter and platforming, with a few side-scrolling stages thrown in that give players a chance to mess with their teammates a little.

Glitch Busters sets you and up to three other players in a virtual world beset by technical errors. As the name suggests, your job is to bust the emerging glitches. In the section I checked out, the adversary is Badface. The giant floating emoji literally spews corruption as our heroes pursue it across the internet, fighting minor baddies that pop up in my way.

The busters help each other by piling atop one another for better angles but they simultaneously try to increase their stage-end rankings by collecting more currency and being more heroic than their teammates. Racing from one level to the next, the squad encounters a side-scrolling mission that prompts even more rivalry.

Each character is stacked on top of the other and has to try to avoid obstacles while on a coin-collecting, on-rails adventure. But every other player is trying to do the same and if someone under you extends their body, you’ll be thrust upward as well — for better or worse. In that way, the title is as much co-op as it is competitive. However, everyone works towards the ultimate goal — to take down glitches in the system.

The wild cooperative shooter is hitting at the end of the month. If you’re looking for a zany, genre-blending game to play with a few buddies, you might want to check out Glitch Busters: Stuck On You.

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