The Case Of The Golden Idol DLC The Spider Of Lanka Hits Next Week

After a cryptic message sparked speculation last week, The Case of the Golden Idol creators confirmed today– at 10 am as predicted — the game will be getting its first post-release content on May 4.

The Spider of Lanka promises aspiring detectives new clues to find and mysteries to solve. It’s set a year before the events of the original game and follows Albert Cloudsley and Oberon Geller, who made tragically brief appearances in The Case of the Golden Idol‘s first puzzle, as they set off to the Kingdom of Lanka. You can watch the announcement trailer below for glimpses at the drama about to unfold everywhere from royal courts to seedy back alleys.

Next week’s DLC gives players an excellent reason to catch up on last year’s hit title. The Case of the Golden Idol tasks players with solving a series of gruesome murders, all somehow connected to a mystifying gilded statue. Unraveling the hints at each scene leads to a wild conclusion in one of 2022’s best games.

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