The Case Of The Golden Idol Teasing More Content?

Ever since finishing Color Gray Games’ brilliant detective adventure last year, I’ve been hoping to hear more news from the team. Unexpectedly, I got my wish this morning in a fantastically cryptic email. The message is short but indicates fans of the game might be in for some mystery on the high seas.

Here’s the full message below:

Dear associate,
The Seven Seas Company has reviewed and approved your request to partake in the upcoming Lanka trading expedition.
You and two other associates will personally accompany yours truly on this mission.
A partial travel itinerary has been included.

Albert Cloudsley

If you’ve played the game, you might recognize the sender from the first case. The adventurer set sail to Monkey Paw Island and came into possession of the powerful idol that takes center stage in the title’s unfolding drama.

The partial itinerary mentioned above refers to a single image sent after the text. Notice the clock; I’ll come back to it shortly.

While this enigmatic frame seems to give little away, other sources like Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier and Destructoid’s Eric Van Allen seem to have received pictures that point to major news hitting next week.

Could we be looking at a DLC drop on April 27 around 10 o’clock? I’m ready to find out next week!

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