Vampire Survivors DLC Tides Of The Foscari Impressions: More Of A Good Thing

Owing to a recent illness, I spent a lot of time with Vampire Survivors. And as luck would have it, the award-winning game’s second DLC, Tides of the Foscari, coincided with my dive back into the title. The new content is more surviving goodness that offers veteran players a great reason to jump back in and gives those still on the sidelines a reason to try it out.

Included in the DLC are new characters like the studious Eleanor, fighter Maruto, bow-wielding Keitha, and unearthly Luminaire. Accompanying these are a baker’s dozen of new weapons to unlock, so players will find their time well rewarded. But of the fresh offerings, my favorite is the verdant new level, Lake Foscari.

Starting in a fairy circle — a whimsical name for a ring of mushrooms — I was surrounded on all sides by green goblins, fish out of water, wolves herding sheep, and increasingly deadly fairytale-esque threats. On my second run, I discovered a path hidden among the trees that let me funnel the never-ending horde into a small space. This helped me cut them down, though I was eventually overwhelmed.

As I continued to play, I found the landscape had a bevy of interesting features to discover. Due north, I stumbled into a winding hedge maze containing helpful items. Beyond that was a mighty river with only a few crossings. And, for the brave few who make it so far, the edges of the map hold mystical dwellings and the titular lake.

The new content is a lot of fun, though it doesn’t dramatically alter the game. If you enjoyed surviving waves of non-vampires in the base game, then Tides Of The Foscari is ready to give you more.

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