GDC Day Three: Awarding

I can’t imagine a better start to a convention day than a wonderful indie showcase. Luckily for me, the amazing team at Six One Indie aired a can’t-miss virtual show. I watched on my phone before my first meeting and will write up everything that caught my eye in the near future.

I continue to add to my pile of indies I can’t wait to share with everyone, but the day had a different energy as everyone waited for the evening. The night’s festivities would be crowned by GDC’s award ceremonies, and press from every outlet and devs from last year’s greatest games would be in attendance.

Sandwiched between two pressing engagements, I managed to stop by for the Independent Games Festival’s press hour held in the newly opened expo show floor. It was a crush of people I was thrilled to meet — or meet for the first time in person. I wrangled a selfie out of The Case of the Golden Idol dev (we tried to get the game in the background but failed), chatted with Mind Diver’s team, and rudely butted into a conversation with Tunic’s Andrew Shouldice. Every conversation ended with wishes of good luck at the upcoming ceremony.

It wasn’t my first time being at the awards. But I was happy to find, even as an indie member of the media, I had a place in the press circle close to the stage. Everywhere I look, there are glimmering lights and brilliant faces. Some of the most talented people in the games industry sit just feet from me and admired members of the press fill my table.

Unless you’re covering the news, the evening doesn’t lead to many articles but there’s plenty of work to do. This is an excellent opportunity to meet, greet, and deepen relationships with amazing people, which is one of the best elements of in-person conferences. You never know what can happen.

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