GDC Day Two: Overbooked

Outside, the rain fell and the wind blew, but I moved through an idyllic realm of sun and blue skies. My first appointment of GDC’s second day — which included playing a title I promise I’ll expand on as soon as I’m able to — was surreal. But not just because of the delightful change in weather.

I found myself once again blocks away from the actual conference in a nondescript building. So nondescript in fact, that I almost passed it as I clung to my umbrella and trudged up the street. The morning’s agenda included demo events hosted by two of the game industry’s biggest names.

But there was a problem: Both events were happening simultaneously. I wish I could have stayed to play everything on offer, but I only managed to go hands-on with two projects before rushing off into the rain to make the second demo fest. It was a perfect GDC storm and I loved every minute of it.

Speaking of storms, “Bomb Cyclone” is an awesome name for a weather event, and everyone at GDC got to see one up-close. However fearsome it sounds, the downpour didn’t throw off the busy day’s schedule. It was jam packed with previews, all of which I hope to share soon!

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