The Indie Informer At GDC

It’s the first official day of spring, and for a games journalist in the Bay Area that means one thing: The Game Developers Conference. GDC kicks off today in San Francisco with developers from across the globe coming to show off their games. This year, I’m attending as The Indie Informer, and I’m bringing you with me.

Well, not actually unless you can fold up into my laptop bag. My schedule is booked to the brim with awesome-looking demos that I can’t wait to share. However, I haven’t yet learned the skill of writing while playing games, so preview posts will be a bit light this week. But don’t fear, I have a plan.

Throughout the week, I’ll snag some time to post my thoughts on the day’s events. It’ll be a window into the life of an indie media member during one of the industry’s biggest conferences. What really goes on behind closed doors? What amazing sights will I stumble on? We will see soon.

This first day of festivities offers a wide variety of lines. Yep. I got to line up for a wristband proclaiming my COVID-free status and then jump into — you’ll never guess — another line to pick up my badge. Though, admittedly, the second experience was much shorter since I got to head to the press room for my ticket into the conference rather than wait with everyone else.

And that’s today’s update. Look for more information on all the cool games I saw next week, and let me know if you have any burning questions about what it’s like at GDC.

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