Before Your Eyes PSVR2 Review: Go Ahead, Cry

This iteration of Before Your Eyes allayed my worst fear for the PSVR2. It didn’t short circuit while I bawled my eyes out in the headset. So, for anyone interested, Sony’s new virtual reality tech is cry-proof. It’s also now my favorite place to play this touching and unique experience. VR allowed me to feel like I really was watching my life pass before me.

For anyone who has yet to play Before Your Eyes, I hope you rectify that soon. It’s an easy game to spoil, but the top-level idea is you watch the poignant, traumatic, and pertinent moments of your life sail by. The interesting twist is technological. You further the narrative when you blink, creating the feeling that the memories actually are passing before your eyes.

Because of this distinctive feature, the PSVR2 is a great place to experience the title. Even if you’ve played before, the hour-or-so-long game gets new life in virtual reality. I fell even more in love with my little cat/ birthday present as the adorable fluff stared into my eyes. The moments where I listened in by closing my eyes felt more real than ever. And the darker parts of the game were even harder to tear away from. I even made a few different choices, changing the familiar narrative and getting a slightly different perspective.

The drawbacks are few, but still present. Luckily, the game’s mostly motionless nature means motion sickness isn’t an issue. However, the headset’s pressure became more noticeable as time went on. This tempted me to adjust it, which slightly threw off the eye sensors. But, as the game is relatively short, I recommend finishing the story all in one go.

Fans of the game or players looking for a new emotional experience should pick up Before Your Eyes on PSVR2 if they have the recently released platform. It’s difficult to urge anyone to go out and get the headset just for one game, but it is absolutely a must-buy for current owners looking to add to their VR collection.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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