Hold Tunic’s Instruction Book In Your Hand

Fangamer recently released, and sold out of, a plush capturing the adorable determination of Tunic’s vulpine hero. I’m not surprised at the product’s popularity. Even my tweet picturing the cute little thing attracted wide ranging attention.

Now, the gaming merch retailer is stepping up its Tunic offerings. Fans interested in getting their very own, real life version of the game’s manual can pre-order one at this moment. Judging from the plush, anyone interested should probably secure the golden hardcover replica before it sells out.

While you’re there, you might also want to think about picking up a physical copy of the game, which also opened pre-orders today. These are available for the PlayStation 4 or Switch, and include a tempting handful of treats.

Both system’s deluxe editions includes the physical case, a concepts booklet, stickers featuring the game’s achievement illustrations, a soft cover version of the instruction manual, an overworld and dungeons map, and a code for the digital soundtrack.

Today’s pre-order items will ship, according the Fangamer, around the end of July, so prepare for a wait. And also keep in mind that the instruction booklet will almost certainly contain spoilers for anyone that hasn’t already played the game. If you’re unsure which console to pick, feel free to check out my impressions of Tunic’s Switch release before making your decision.

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  1. Ohh, I had already ordered the plush, but didn’t know I could buy the instruction booklet by itself. Thanks for sharing!

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