Whitethorn Games Winter Showcase Trailer Round Up

Dropping over the weekend, publisher Whitethorn’s indie direct highlighted a handful of enticing titles. Mixed in with updates on current favorites, three games shown were totally new reveals. You can watch the entire thirty-minute presentation — complete with snowball fight — here. Or if you want to check out trailers featuring everything from witchy food to scientific scares, the show’s upcoming launches are detailed below.

Magical Delicacy

Run a shop, make some friends, serve up treats, and live your dream witch life rendered in lovely pixel art. Magical Delicacy is coming to Xbox Game Pass on release, making it even more tempting.

Kernel Hearts

Not coming until 2024, there’s not a ton of information on newly announced Kernel Hearts. The developer’s website asks players to “sign up to slay god.” So if that’s your thing, you’re in luck.

The Forest Cathedral

Perhaps the most interesting game of the showcase, The Forest Cathedral serves up some sinister vibes and offers players a 2D and 3D experience.

Botany Manor

This green-thumbed adventure debuted in Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase back in November. Whitethorn’s presentation gives players a tour of the grounds and house.

Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island

Roki creators Polygon Treehouse have a new project on the horizon filled with amnesiac Greek gods who love ambrosia. The show’s trailer fills in a few of the gameplay blanks for this 2023 release.


It’s not hard to see the Whitethorn developed game is influenced by the likes of the Suikoden and Fire Emblem series. Though there’s no reveal date yet, expect Whalefall on all major platforms this year.


While beautiful, this trailer took me for a loop. Luckily, the team expands on the concept, explaining Tinselfly’s a “surreal and introspective adventure about dreams, nostalgia, and pretty spaceships.”

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