15 Steam Next Fest Demos To Play Before They’re Gone

Steam’s preview party is over next Monday, and even the most optimistic gamers might have to admit there are just too many demos to play them all during one weekend. Hopefully, you got a chance to try out these pre-event suggestions when the Next Fest kicked off, and followed that up with some of the offerings on this week’s roundup. But now, as the week-long celebration is nearing its end, I have one last list of demos you shouldn’t miss out on in February’s Steam Next Fest.

Fall Of Porcupine

A mix between funny and all-too-relatable, Fall of Porcupine follows a healthcare worker wrestling with a system that’s falling apart while trying to give the best possible care to sick patients. Successfully completing treatments means taking on a finger-twisting mini-game and making diagnoses via a Wordle-like challenge. This an an absolute must-play.

Bramble: The Mountain King

I don’t know if I’ve ever gone from delightfully enchanted to Nope so quickly in a game before. Running through a stunning, sunny flower field with lively wildlife suddenly shifts to falling into a dark cave under the roots of a twisted tree. Meeting creatures from Nordic lore face-to-face proves thrilling, but also really creepy.

Shumi Come Home

Look at this little mushroom. Can you let them stay scared and lost in a strange forest far from home? Jump into the demo to help Shumi find their way out of the unfamiliar wilderness by talking with the woods’ inhabitants, fixing up neglected shrines, and floating through the air on a little leaf paraglider.

Mr. Saitou

In the span of a few seconds, you’ll know everything there is to know about businessman Saitou’s dismal life. From the start of his day in a small cubicle to his late-night dinner for one, he doesn’t speak with another human. Until he ends up in the hospital, and an unusual encounter with an excited child leads him into a fever dream of Llama worms.

Mika And The Witch’s Mountain

This game is not shy about its Studio Ghibli influence. Our young heroine is a witch in training who inevitably ends up very delivering packages to earn some very necessary funds. I particularly enjoy the animations, like the way Mika’s bag bounces against her back, and how she rolls after every jump. Both give off an infectious child-like energy and enthusiasm. And flying on a broom is always fun.


Long ago, a hero saved humanity. Part of the venerated warrior’s vision for a protected world included destroying every magical artifact, as they could corrupt any soul. Many years later, an unsavory police force confiscating all adventurers’ questionable items enforces this goal with an iron fist. But one plucky hero wants to fight back. Greedventory’s humor might be a matter of taste, but it’s sure to be some players’ jam.

Dungeon Drafters

Just a note of warning: Play the tutorial. I tried to rush into the adventure from the get-go and, though the game is actually pretty easy to pick up, it’s difficult to comprehend what to do without being taught. Essentially, Dungeon Drafters is a turn-based, card-focused dungeon crawler. And with fun combat and attractive pixel graphics, it’s a demo worth playing.

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom

The unusual name gives players a bit of a hint about what to expect from Those Awesome Guys’ latest publishing project. But after playing it, the best way I can think to describe Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom is an N64, collect-a-thon nostalgia trip turned up to eleven. If that sounds like the kind of game for you, don’t miss trying it out.

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox

Neon lights, jazz music, and a nighttime infiltration proves our introduction to this adventure. The game’s Victorian steampunk feel is a huge bonus, even if the voice acting doesn’t feel quite as strong. Combat, puzzles, and mystery fill the demo. Players interested in other titles like this might want to check out Shadows of Doubt as well.

Roots Of Yggdrasil

You can read how my experience with Roots of Yggdrasil went in the full preview, but here’s a small exerpt:

I walked away from the pre-alpha demo excited to see more of this title. Its gameplay loop is engaging, the art style is eye-catching, and I’m eager to see how all the planned elements change the experience.

God Of Rock

God of Rock is what happens when you smash a rhythm game into a 1v1 fighter. It’s intense, high-energy, and frantically cool.

Don’t miss out on my full preview.

Mineko’s Night Market

I went hands-on with this cat-filled title a few months ago at the Day of the Devs event. Though my preview went up a while ago, I want to make sure no adventure game fan overlooks this fabulous title. Craft, talk with possible friends, chase after urban legends, and uncover a covert plot in the Mineko’s Night Market demo.

Teslagrad 2

It’s not all smooth sailing, sadly…. Despite that, the clever mechanics, breathtaking visuals, and enigmatic story make Teslagrad 2‘s demo one indie fans shouldn’t miss next week.

Read the full preview here.

Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire

If the developers can tweak the difficulty, put a few more limits on resources, and implement additional activities, this game could truly be one of the most enthralling of the year.

For more thoughts on Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire, check here.

Mail Time

It could be really easy to miss this gleeful title, but I urge you to spend some time this weekend in its comforting world. If you’re still not convinced, I recently covered Mail Time’s highlights. Here’s a sneak peek:

Running around the uplifting environment with its colorful palette, enchanting characters, and playful vibe is a balm sure to cure any hard day.

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