Nintendo Direct, Indies, And The Indie Informer On MinnMax

It may not have been Nintendo’s most indie-foused show, but the recent Direct had a few fantastic highlights. As far as release dates, we got an exact launch date for Sea of Stars and Dead Cell’s Castlevania DLC. There’s also a demo up in the eShop right now for the former, which just adds to the pile of indie previews I’m diving into this week with the Steam Next Fest.

There was a lot more to dive into regarding the showcase, and I got the chance on The MinnMax Show. I join host Ben Hanson, the funniest beekeeper in the business Leo Vader, and my newly revealed twin Sarah Podzorski to sift through each reveal, trailer, and announcement. Hanson and I also gush over A Space For The Unbound before launching into community questions, some of which I definitely derailed.

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