God Of Rock Preview: Drop The Beat

God of Rock is what happens when you smash a rhythm game into a 1v1 fighter. It’s intense, high-energy, and frantically cool. While I’m not a champion in either of the game’s unusual pair of genres, I’m looking forward to the categories’ respective fans to get their hands on the full unique experience this spring.

My excitement to see this title in others’ hands springs from disparate places. I stepped into the demo’s ring as a white-haired woman crowned with light and sporting robot hands. The unusual blend caught my interest in the way many of the game’s intriguing cast does.

But while I’m fighting, I can’t focus on the cool moves I’m pulling off or how my character reacts to a hit. Rather, my eyes are glued to the button prompts flying past the screen. So, it seems that the only way to appreciate every part of the game’s visuals is by spectating someone else’s match.

On the other hand, I can only imagine how spectacular God of Rock would look in the hands of a genre-veteran player. At times, I master the music’s flow, pommel my opponent, and feel unbeatable. But too often, missed shots make openings for my opponent’s blows. That’s not a problem necessarily, but it does put satisfying gameplay out of reach for less seasoned players. Watching a perfectly-executed round in this flashy, over-the-top title would be undoubtedly mesmerizing.

If you’re the punch-throwing, guitar-wailing target audience for God of Rock, you can go hands-on with it soon. The game is participating in next week’s Steam Next Fest, which means you can play the demo from February 6 through the following Monday.

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  1. I’ll look out for this on switch

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