5 Demos You Can’t Miss In Next Week’s Steam Next Fest

Kicking off February 6 (next Monday) and running until the 13th, the indiepalooza that is Steam Next Fest is offering up free, short bites of hundreds of upcoming titles. The original announcement for the show’s dates came as a teaser trailer filled with hints on what to expect.

While this is one of the biggest events for gaming’s smaller titles, it can be a little overwhelming to find and play all the best experiences before the end. Fear not, I’m ready to lend a hand with my list of can’t-miss demos. There are, of course, plenty more games to try out. So, keep an eye on The Indie Informer throughout the week for some awesome early previews of the Fest’s participants.

Darkest Dungeon II

The Darkest Dungeon sequel is making its way onto Steam after it launched in Early Access on the Epic Games Store. Anyone that didn’t get a chance to check this spooky-adjacent game out shouldn’t miss this chance. Breaking from the original, Darkest Dungeon II features a road trip through hell on Earth, with branching paths, a recently revamped relationship system, and ways to dive into the heroes’ backgrounds.

The Star Named EOS

I recently got to go hands-on with Silver Lining Studio’s next project. What I played only made me impatient for more news on the game’s — hopefully — 2023 release date. And since they say misery loves company, I’m encouraging indie fans to share in my restlessness by playing the demo for themselves. It only takes about thirty minutes, and wonderfully introduces the world and photography-focused mechanics.


Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast/strategy aficionado or can’t resist the look of a stunning Medieval manuscript, Howl’s demo is sure to please. The Folktale-inspired adventure isn’t easy, as I found out in my preview, but it makes you want to complete each quest perfectly. To find your bother and make it through the creature-filled woods alive, you’ll need to follow your prophetic scroll, earning rewards that will make you stronger.

Fake Heart

This title got a call out in the Steam Next Fest trailer, and it’s totally new to me. One of the greatest things about Steam’s digital extravaganza is stumbling over new games just waiting to become your next must-play. Fake Heart’s black-and-white aesthetics and seemingly sinister undercurrent make me excited that I might have a new title to look forward to this year.

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder

Call me a sucker for a red-headed heroine, because I am, but players shouldn’t overlook this amazing gem. It’s been years since I played the game’s last demo. And even though a lot has happened in that time, I’m still hotly waiting to see more of this title. A 2D action-adventure with a little platforming thrown in for fun, Gestalt offers a striking art style, fast-paced action, and a story setup with the potential to go interesting places.

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