3 Unexpected Indie Reveals You Might Have Missed

I don’t know what was in the water on Tuesday, but it prompted a trio of intriguing project announcements. And I want to emphasize here, these were out of the blue. No showcase, no warning. It seems like three completely different teams just picked January 17 to shower indie fans with presents. Here are the newly revealed games you should put on your radar:

The Star Named EOS

The next title from Behind the Frame developer Silver Lining Studio, The Star Named EOS is a photo-centric adventure game. It’s painterly graphics color what looks like an emotional tale. According to the creators, the game will feature time-traveling photography, a variety of puzzles, and a long-forgotten family mystery. The announcement also explained the game is getting a demo soon on Steam.

Flutter Away

The last bullet point on Wholesome Games’ reveal Tweet is all I need to get excited about this game: “Befriend a shy Capybara.” With that, I’m in. But there’s a little more detail on the Steam description.

“Flutter Away is a short nature exploration game set in a cozy nook of the Amazon rainforest. You are a butterfly researcher on a five-day camping trip. Explore nearby tracks, take photos, meet animal friends and journal your discoveries!”

Whisper Mountain Outbreak

And now for something completely different. An ominous fog, retro setting, and creepy, pixelated ambience all point to one thing: An indie horror title. Luckily, you’ll be able to call on your friends to help you through. “Whisper Mountain: Outbreak,” explains Toge Productions — which worked on A Space for the Unbound — “is an isometric co-op PvE multiplayer survival horror game… Explore abandoned buildings, fight monsters, scavenge resources, craft items, solve puzzles, and figure out a way to escape the whispering madness.”

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