Indies Present And Future: Delving Into 2023 On The Gamerheads Podcast

Listen as I join an elite group who’ve earned a repeat invitation to guest host the flourishing Gamerheads Podcast. It may be my last appearance, though, as I commandeer the proceedings to rejoice over Blaseball starting up again, beat a joke far beyond death, and tack at least five more games onto my anticipated list than is polite. Whether I get the coveted third invite back or not, the latest episode is overflowing with great indie recommendations.

Indie Games to Look Forward to in 2023 with Special Guest Jill Grodt from The Indie Informer Gamerheads Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of The Gameheads Podcast! This week, the cast welcomes back Jill Grodt from The Indie Informer to discuss indie games to look forward to in 2023.The crew also talks about games they are playing, including Lone Ruin, Sports Story, Children of Silent Town, and more. Check out the list of indie games at: Follow Jill on social media: Follow us on Twitter – us an email: info@gamerheadspodcast.comMusic: Jeff Dasler – RecusedKomiku – Run against the universeKomiku – Escaping the collapsing universeLeave us a review on Apple Podcasts!
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