Artist Life Simulator Impressions: Paint Your Heart Out

I may have died in poverty the first time around, but I won’t let that stop me from becoming a world-renowned painter.

Actually, I wasn’t sure what to make of Artist Life Simulator in the first few minutes. Cards started flying at me, and each seemed to have some new element to remember. But I let that wave wash over me and ended up getting caught up in making it in the art world.

Though played with cards, Artist Life Simulator is less a card game and more a survival/management sim. It requires me to juggle resources like wealth, sanity, and reputation while pursuing the life of an artist in the big city. Actions typically consume one resource with the hopes of gaining another. In the case of the all-important painting action, I burn passion to earn money — money I need to pay rent and eat.

In addition to my basic needs, I discover other elements as I play that expand my horizons. Meeting new people, discovering locations, and buying upgrades open up exciting opportunities. I can talk to friends to gain new ideas for painting or take an inspiring trip to the ocean, for example. However, everything takes time. I often had to ignore one objective to pursue another, which could lead to unwanted results.

Neglecting to feed my passions — and running out of the resource — takes a huge toll. Without it, I can’t paint away my bad feelings, and they begin to consume me. Eventually, I stop painting altogether and slide into a slow, but unavoidable end. It may not be every players cup of tea, but failing is part of Artist Life Simulator. After my first session, I get to manage another artist’s life. Hopefully, I’ll be more successful the second time around.

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