New Inkulinati Trailer Reveals Early Access Release Date

Get ready to send your inky animal army into battle, because Yaza Games’ Inkulinati is set to launch on January 31 in Early Access. And the game is coming to a whole web of platforms.

PC players can pick up the Early Access version on GOG, Steam, and Microsoft’s store. While console owners can look to Xbox Game Preview and Game Pass. Inkulinati will also eventually make its debut on Switch alongside the other platforms during its unspecified 1.0 release. Check out the dramatic reveal trailer below.

I got to go hands-on with Inkulinati a few months ago and had a great time with its whimsical premise and engaging mechanics. And though I wish today’s announcement was for the full launch, I’m happy the game will be available for more people to play.

The January release is only about a month away, but the developers aren’t making fans wait to start drawing up their unstoppable woodland battalions. Steam and Xbox both have an Inkulinati demo up today, and you should check it out as soon as you can because the early look is only up for a limited time.

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